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BryMon Consulting Pty Ltd is a professional international consulting company specialising in Quality, Health, Safety & Environment, Training, Designing, Organising and implementing various community programmes focusing on Youth & Community Crime prevention.


We work for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, and we are in the field of creating different Management Systems including procedures surrounding Community Development, Youth Crime Prevention, Documentaries, Occupational Health, Safety and Environment and Training & Assessing.

Founded by its Director Brian Montgomery who himself holds a Masters Degree and Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health, Safety and Environment, Graduate Certificate in Community Services, Diploma in Mental Health and a Cert 1V in Training & Assessing in the workplace.

Apart from being an author who has recently published his first novel Degsy Hay, A Juvenile Redeemed (Amazon Paperback/Kindle Ebook). Brian has also worked in various countries undertaking HSEQ and Training roles. In his spare time Brian has worked voluntary with many multi-cultured communities targeting youth crime, anti-social behaviour, drug and alcohol abuse working alongside local governments, elders, parents and the police.


One of his success stories so far was creating The Hay Promoters, in Perth, Western Australia, where the participants received not only paid employment but also much-deserved media recognition.



To work closely with any business or organisation no matter how large or small.

To provide a professional and confidential service to our customers.



To deliver cost-effective services to our clients while at the same time ensure our staff members are always kept up to date with their required individual skills.



We respect our clients and the communities we operate in while leading by example.

Australian Police Check - Reference Number: 6768696-3774875

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