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Degsy Hay, A Juvenile Redeemed

Born in prison to an abusive, teenage, drug-addict mother, sixteen year-old-Degsy survived a violent, horrendous childhood only to end up in and out of jail himself, but he’s finally getting out, and he’s determined to stay out this time.

He may be roughing it on the snowy streets of London with no one for company but Sadface, the three-legged dog he saved from the bins, but he’s determined to keep his nose clean. He can’t go back to prison, not again. He has to make a better life for himself. And he wants to help others, too: kids in gangs, like he was, the homeless, the elderly – he can’t bear the thought of them getting beaten up or feel prisoners in their own homes.

He wants to change the world… but the world has other ideas.

See, little kids are going missing, and no one cares. MR-K a known crime lord, must be behind it all, but no one can find him, and Degsy is slowly dragged into a dangerous game that will land him back in prison if he makes a wrong move and threaten the lives of the people that are slowly becomming his family.



Degsy Hay, The Hay Patrollers

For the first time in his life, Degsy Hay is settled. He doesn’t have to worry about which bin his next meal’s coming from, which snowy bench he’s gonna sleep on, or who he’ll have to fight to stay alive. His dream of setting up the Hay Patrollers has become a reality, and his crew of young people are making the community a better place, patrolling shopping centres, cleaning up the neighbourhood, helping the elderly and disabled. Life is good.

Then, one night, his house is torched with him and his friends inside. He barely makes it out in one piece, and best friend Winston is even less fortunate. He is alive but left in a coma, and it doesn’t look good. Someone out there has a serious problem with his vision for a safer, gang-free London, and they ain’t gonna stop setting fires till Degsy gets the message.

Determined to end this, Degsy scours the streets and tracks down an adversary far more dangerous than he had imagined. The only way out will drag him back down into a gutter he has fought so hard to escape: to violence, deception and criminal activity. And when he is forced to ask himself just how far he will go to protect his friends, family and the Hay Patrollers, even he is surprised by the explosive answer.

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